Best Month Ever! – Beta Demo

Best Month Ever! is a beautiful, touching and hard-hitting narrative driven point and click adventure where a terminally-ill mother tries to pack a lifetime’s worth of mothering into four short weeks.

Taking place in the 1960’s, in Best Month Ever! you follow the story of a single mother called Louise and her eight year old son, Mitch. Louise is terminally-ill and has just one month to try to set Mitch up with as good a life as possible. The pair set off on a road trip and the choices Louise makes during it will influence three major characteristics of Mitch (Righteousness, Confidence, and Relations), dramatically affecting the sort of man he will become.

The demo build of Best Month Ever! features the first stop on Lousie and Mich’s road trip – a diner that Louise has just quit working at. She needs to pick up some pay that the scumbag owner owes her to help pay for the road trip. He’s not too forthcoming with the cash though and the scene can play out quite differently depending on your actions.

It’s a very promising game with beautiful 3D visuals, realistic characters and a narrative that looks set to throw up some very hard-hitting real world problems. The way Mitch’s personality is shaped by your decisions is a great touch too, as your decisions don’t just impact your life but his too. Highly recommended.

Download The Best Month Ever! Beta Demo Here (Steam)