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Bet Royale Game

Bet Royale is a fun new massively multiplayer Twitch-integrated Battle Royale-style survival game that puts you on the other side of the TV screen, as you play the viewers instead of the survivors – choosing favorite combatants, placing bets and ordering air drops/strikes as contestants fight for their lives on a little island.

There’s no shortage of Battle Royale/Hunger Games style survival games at the moment, with the likes of PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS, S.O.S., The Culling and SCUM, but what about if you don’t fancy being a contestant on one of these fictional game shows? What if you want to be a viewer? Bet Royale looks to redress the balance a bit, by using the magic of Twitch integration to allow people in chat to take on the role of the viewer of a continual succession of Battle Royale-style matches and betting (fake money) on the outcome.

The actual combat takes place between a selection of AI controlled characters, each of which has their own unique stats. At the start of each mach you choose a favorite (or a few favorites once you level up) and bet on them (by simply typing “!bet [amount of cash] [survivor number]” into the chat), with the characters earning cash for surviving the round and for killing off opponents (with kills using lower powered weaponry earning more cash).

You can do much more than just bet on the outcome though – you can actually type other commands and use the in game cash that you earn to influence the outcome of the matches – by purchasing stat upgrades for characters, ordering airstrikes at specific locations or even airdropping weapons and armor down into the battlefield.

It’s still early in in development, but it’s a fun premise that can get quite addictive as you root for your plucky little survivors. It’s quite nice to be the viewer rather than the poor saps that are fighting for their survival for a change!

To Play the Bet Royale Alpha Just Log into Twitch Here & Start Betting!

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  1. Hi, Dev here. Thanks for the great article! Today we changed the order of the bet command – now it is amount and then character number. Would be great if you could adjust this :)

    Other than that: any suggestions for the game?


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