Between the Stars – Kickstarter Demo

Between the Stars is a narrative-driven open world roguelike Sci-Fi space combat adventure that sees you making important decisions, carrying out missions and taking part in intense space battles as you attempt to protect humanity from the Children of the Sun.

In Between the Stars you become the captain of a stellar cruizer who must cross the galaxy to save the Interstellar Republic from the looming threat of the Children of the Sun. It plays like a blend of Elite: Dangerous and FTL: Faster Than Light, with a touch of Star Wars. The overall Galaxy map is set up a little like the Sector Map in FTL: Faster Than Light, with you having to make your way through the branching network of solar systems to make it to your goal.

When you enter a solar system you’re given free reign to explore it as you wish. You can visit space stations, accept missions, fight pirates, scavenge resources, recruit crew-members and upgrade your ship. You’ll want to do what you can to make sure that your crew and ship are the best they can be too, as Between the Stars features permadeath – die and you’ll start again with a brand new captain.

The current build of Between the Stars serves as a prologue to the full game and features over an hour’s worth of gameplay, with a variety of missions to complete and an epic showdown at the end that’ll really get you psyched for the full game. There are a couple of issues – such as the overuse of red and blue video filters and a scavenging system that feels way too fiddly. Other than those minor issues it’s a great game though, with high quality visuals, nice mission variety, good voice acting, plenty of ship customization options, an interesting narrative and a nice feeling of weight to the ships you control. A very promising start to an epic Sci-Fi roguelike space adventure well worth blasting off with.

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