Between the Worlds – Game Jam Build

Between the Worlds, a funny fourth wall breaking adventure game made for the Movie Game Jam, sees you traveling between movie-themed worlds accompanied by a Stanley Parable-esque narrator.

You have just begun your story in a room full of books. A narrator talks as you try to figure out what you are doing. Once you discover your wand and start to really explore new areas, the narrator will change their tone. Instead of speaking about your past, they will start directly talking to you – maybe you should have waited until he finished talking to grab that wand!

From the first scene, you can make your way to new worlds, picking up boosts and upgrades along the way. These items, like boots to make you jump farther, will allow you to get to new areas in the different worlds. Some of them don’t seem to make sense, but the narrator will explain the story as well as they can, trying to guide you along the way. Of course, you can ignore this narrator and make your own story up as you explore.

This movie is all your own – you are the main character and you were never handed a script. So figure out what you want to do and play by your own rules. Hopefully the narrator will just go along with it!

Download Between the Worlds Here (Windows)