Between These Walls – Game Jam Build Download

Between These Walls is a freaky little psychological horror game where you’re plagued by cardboard boxes and a grotesque creature that stalks you.

Created for the My First Game Jam, Between These Walls sees you taking on the role of a young man who has just moved into a new home. The still to be unpacked moving boxes still litter the floor, which isn’t too big a problem, but they seem to keep moving each time you go to sleep, and there’s also the small matter of a grotesque monster that watches you. It seems that this is the reason you moved in the first place, but it appears to have followed you to your new home too. Wherever you go, he will always be there with you.

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, Between These Walls delivers a tense little horror experience, with some very creepy moments and a horrifying monster. It would be nice to see it expanded on as the monster is very freaky and the fact that it’s been plaguing you for some time before you moved into your new home is an interesting touch. A short and sinister horror game well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Between These Walls Here (Windows)