Beware – Alpha Demo

Beware is a freaky first person open world horror game that sees you driving through the countryside whilst being relentlessly chased by three goons in a car.

In Beware you find yourself sitting in a car in a grim looking caravan park on a dark and gloomy night. Your car is old, with bouncy suspension and rather twitchy handling that makes it fun to drive but doesn’t exactly allow it to hug the corners. You can happily drive your car around the caravan park as much as you like, smashing into things, doing handbrake turns and generally making a menace of yourself, but when you leave the park things start to get sinister…

Once you get out onto the open country roads of Beware it’s not long until you start to be chased by three nasty looking goons in a car who attempt to run you off the road and kill you. Their car uses real driving physics and doesn’t ‘cheat’ or use rubber-banding, but it’s still very hard to shake and gives you a real sense of terror every time it’s lights show up in your rear view mirror. The stakes are high every time you crash, as if they do manage to catch up with you then they’ll all pile out of the car and kill you.

It’s pretty intense stuff, that sees you using a mixture of evasive driving, dangerous driving and stealth as you try to escape their relentless pursuit. Even in these early stages of development it’s got a great sense of atmosphere, with a sombre audio score and a grimy 70’s movie visual style. Freaky vehicle-based horror in which you really do have to drive to survive.

Note: Follow the roads to get out of the caravan park

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the Beware Alpha Demo Here (Windows)