Beyond 35.000 – Prototype Download

beyond 3500 final

Beyond 35.000 is – take a deep breath – a hyperfuturistic intelligent omnidirectional precision racing game, where you have complete freedom in movement, flying at high speeds through narrow city trenches and complex floating structures.

At first glance Beyond 35.000 may look like your standard (though gorgeous) futuristic WipEout-style racer, but look closer and you’ll notice some truly innovative gameplay.  You’re not glued to the tracks or restricted by gravity in this game, as long as you hit certain checkpoints you can fly wherever you like in the 3D space.

Although you have complete freedom of movement, you do pick up more speed when skimming across surfaces.  This leads to some fun tactical choices as you weigh up the pros and cons of cutting corners by leaving the track, or staying close to the surface for maximum speed.  You’re best off following the AI controlled opponents for your first few games as the fast paced flips, twists and turns can make for a rather disorientating experience.  There’s even four player split-screen local multiplayer for an ultimate test of your sense of direction and flying skills.

The current build is still very early in development, but Beyond 35.000 already impresses with it’s visual style, fast paced gameplay and innovative omnidirectional racing.  You’ve never played a futuristic racer quite like this.

Download the Prototype HERE (top left, pink box – PC, Mac & Linux)