Beyond Flesh and Blood – Pre-Alpha Demo

beyond flesh and blood

Beyond Flesh and Blood is a post-apocalyptic story-led 3rd person action/shooter, featuring huge metal endoskeletons battling across the decaying city of Manchester (UK).

Gameplay in the Pre-Alpha Demo blends 3rd person shooting (horde mode especially) with tower defense as you fight off wave after wave of attacking enemies while trying to power-up your defenses.

Your mighty mech packs some serious firepower, but you’ll have to activate radio towers in order to extend your range.  You can also power-up turrets and barriers in order to fend off your attackers.  There’s a nice selection of weaponry and enemies to fight, and some satisfyingly gory slow-mo shots for the last kill of every wave.  It’s a cool 3rd person shooter with bad-ass mechs and the ability to strategically use the environment to your advantage.

The full game of Beyond Flesh and Blood promises far deeper gameplay than the current build, with large scale battles, the ability to upgrade your mech, strategic puzzles, and immersive story that tackles themes of dehumanisation, political instability and environmental disaster.  The Pre-Alpha Demo doesn’t incorporate any of this story though, so it’s very easy to just pretend you’re a Terminator defending SkyNet from pesky humans, which is great fun!  Death to John Connor!

Note:  Beyond Flesh and Blood is still very early in development, so still has a few bugs and could do with some frame-rate optimisation.  At the moment, we’d recommend playing  on a fairly low graphical setting, as frame-rates can really suffer when there’s a lot happening on-screen.

UPDATE: This Demo is No Longer Available

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  1. They have a Christmas version of this now with Santa hats and exploding presents! Merry Christmas 2014 indie gamers!!

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