Beyond – Game Jam Build

Beyond is a short philosophical point and click adventure that ponders life, the universe and body mutilation horror.

Beyond asks some pretty big questions and has some pretty disturbing answers during its short play time. It ponders why the universe is so silent and has a good answer for why – once a civilization becomes advanced enough they become more interested in delving into virtual worlds rather than exploring real ones. It also ponders what would be needed for humanity to populate other planets – it’d obviously require someone with drive and a lot of time on their hands…

Set in the near future, the main gameplay in Beyond takes place within a cozy little room where a detective sits in front of a computer investigating a series of murders. He seems happy enough in his little bubble and does all his investigating without barely leaving his seat. He is obviously not the sort of person that’s going to colonise the stars, but maybe a part of him can help a more determined person succeed…

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, it’s an interesting and delightfully dark little game that makes you think and makes you squirm. A tense and atmospheric experience well worth checking out.

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