Beyond-Human – Pre-Alpha Demo

Beyond Human Game Download

Beyond-Human is a slick Sc-Fi metroidvania that draws inspiration from Metroid, Mega Man and Devil May Cry, blending open world exploration, precision action platforming and hack n’ slash combat as you explore its post apocalyptic game world.

Beyond-Human takes place in a world that’s been ravaged by an alien invasion. You play Adam, a silent protagonist with no memory after waking up from a coma. As the plot unfurls you’ll learn more about who the mysterious Adam is and exactly what has caused the devastation to his planet.

The exploration in Beyond-Human feels fondly Metroid-like, with you able to freely traverse the labyrinthine open game world, discovering new weapons and abilities that grant you access to new areas. As you explore the game world Anime-inspired visuals look gorgeous in action, packed full of stylish pixel art animation and snazzy visual effects – especially when it comes to the melee combat.

As you progress you’ll unlock a nice arsenal of guns, but it’s the Devil May Cry inspired hack n’ slash combat that really sets Beyond-Human apart from the crowd. It features a deep melee combat system full of badass combos that are easy to pull off but hard to master. The fluidity of the movement and combat is a joy to see in motion, and the boss fights look fantastic.

It’s a very cool game that backs up it’s style with plenty of substance. An epic Sci-Fi metroidvania with intelligent world design, snazzy visuals, challenging gameplay, great audio and exciting combat. Samus who?

Tip: After picking up the Magenta Key Card the ED-209 style robot will only attack if you attack first! You can press ‘Select’ to open the map screen which will show you where the Magenta door is.

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Download The Beyond-Human Alpha Demo Here (Windows)