Beyond the Phone Screen – Game Jam Build Download

Beyond the Phone Screen is a freaky Pokemon GO inspired PS1 styled horror game where you play an ARG on your phone and complete tasks for the mayor, while avoiding monsters that roam the city!

Created for the HPS1 Summer of Shivers game jam, Beyond the Phone Screen is a creepy first person horror game that revolves around a Pokemon GO-esque ARG that you play on your in-game phone. The phone shows a variety of tasks that you can click on in the map, some of these simply require you to click on something, some require you to take a picture of something and some require you to run to a certain point on the map. There are also special tasks that the mayor asks you to complete though, which is where things really start to get interesting (and strange!)

Sometimes the mayor’s texts don’t come through when they should, but other than that Beyond the Phone Screen is a fantastic little horror game. There are four unique monsters to deal with, each of which are very creepy and need to be handled in different ways. There are also some fun little secrets to discover and four unique endings to find. Maybe you’ll even be able to escape alive!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Beyond the Phone Screen Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)