Bezier – Beta Download

Bezier game

Bezier is a fast paced twin stick Geometry Wars-Style blaster full of varied enemy design, frantic gameplay and more visual flair than a burning Lamborghini filled with fireworks and glitter.

Gameplay will be instantly familiar to anyone that’s played Geometry Wars, but Bezier manages to surpass it on most fronts.  The main draw (other the sparkly visuals) is the incredible variety of (nearly 100 different) enemies the game throws at you, all with different strengths and abilities for you to contend with.  This, combined with a nice selection of power-ups, special abilities and upgrades, as well as the awesome soundtrack and constant visual feast of bullets and explosions means that gameplay never gets stale.

There’s even a story to Bezier (although it’s easy to overlook), touching on themes such as evolution, god, family and love, with the game set inside a vast computer built deep underground – a virtual “Noah’s Ark” gone wrong from which you need to escape.  You only get one life, and thanks to the satisfyingly tough difficulty level you’ll die fairly often, but thankfully any upgrades you purchase are persistent so there’s always a better chance of getting further next time.

Bezier has been in development for 6 years now and judging by the Beta it’s certainly been worth it.  It’s a bombastic blaster full of variety and flair – a visual extravaganza that’ll test your reflexes to breaking point.

Watch us get Pwned by Bezier HERE

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Download the Bezier Beta HERE