BH Trials – Prototype Download

BH Trials is a tricky physics based “driving” game in which you attempt to navigate a digger through an obstacle course, using only your articulated arms to propel yourself, as your vehicle has no steering wheel, brakes or transmission!

Diggers are great because those great big articulated arms can dig and transport large quantities of earth. But it turns out those articulated arms are also surprisingly handy as a means of propulsion and for climbing over obstacles – which is handy as your digger in BH Trials is missing its steering wheel, brakes and transmission!

At present BH Trials has only one course, but it’s tough and quite long – taking over an hour to complete unless you’re a seasoned digger driver. At first even the slightest upward slope can be a real hassle, but once you get to grips with it your digger can be surprisingly maneuverable. All of the joints in the articulated arms work as they should and all the obstacles are passable if you’re digger driving skills are up to it!

BH Trials is still early in development but it’s a fun game that feels like you’re learning a new skill as you play it. Your progress is slow paced, but you feel like you improve with each obstacle. Get to the end of the course and you’re probably qualified enough to get a job on a building site!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The BH Trials Prototype Here (Windows)

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