Bicyclism: Art Of Riding – Prototype Download


Bicyclism: Art of Riding is a quirky little QWOP-like that turns the simple act of riding a bike into a wonderfully wobbly and wickedly tricky experience.

Your aim is to ride along randomly generated courses and collect as many coins as possible before you inevitably crash.  You use the J an L keys to pedal, and the A and D keys to steer your wobbly little bike (and S to pop a wheelie).  You start off with stabilisers, but will soon lose them and have to fend for yourself as you wrestle with the controls and contend with corners, jumps, traffic cones and penguins.  As if that wasn’t hard enough, all the action is viewed from the front of the bicycle, so you have very little time to avoid oncoming obstacles.

The current build was created in just 72 hours, but the devs are keen to continue development, and are fleshing it out with four player multiplayer, new bikes, new worlds, new game modes and easier controls (though hopefully not too easy).  We can’t wait to see more of Bicyclism: Art of Riding – a silly and strangely addictive game, which oddly enough, really isn’t as easy as riding a bike!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Bicyclism: Art of Riding Here (Win, Mac & Linux)