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Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf is a fun physics based puzzler that sees you playing the Big Bad Wolf, blowing the little pigs houses down and stealing their treasure.

In essence it’s like an isometric version of Angry Birds, but you just want to steal the pigs money, not kill them.  You must simply click on strategic points in the structures to blow them up and smash the treasure chests, but you have to avoid hitting the pigs.  If you do accidentally kill a pig, then you’ll fail the level and start again.

Big Bad Wolf was created in just 72 hours for Ludum Dare, so it is missing a little polish (most notably some sound effects), but the core gameplay is excellent.  Strategically smashing the three little pigs houses is great fun as you remove key components and watch them topple like dominoes.  Smashing stuff.

Note:  After having a smashing time with the Ludlum Dare Prototype, the developer of Big Bad Wolf is expanding it into a full game! You can follow it’s progress here

Download Or Play Big Bad Wolf HERE (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)

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  1. I really enjoyed the game but the lack of background music was something that I think you need to improve. But besides that everything was cool :)

    I made a video about the game and also explaining about the music thing near the end of the video in case someone wants to check it out ;)

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