Big Boy Boxing – Alpha Demo

Big Boy Boxing is a boss rush pixel art boxing game where you dodge and punch your way through challenging fights against beautifully animated combatants.

Drawing inspiration from Punch-Out!!, Cuphead and Shovel Knight, Big Boy Boxing is a slapstick boss rush boxing game where you can’t just button your way to victory. Being a 2D boxing game, it does obviously draw comparisons to Punch-Out!!, but with more of a Cuphead-esque focus on precision, timing and learning of attack patterns.

The current build of Big Boy Boxing features a brief tutorial and a challenging fight against a surprisingly tough hobo. You may be tempted to wail away on your rival, but it’s really best to approach him with caution – it can take many hits to knock him out while it only takes three to put you out for the count.

It does take a little while to get used to how unforgiving it is and will punish you for getting greedy with the punches. Once you master it then it’s a lot of fun though and the full game promises 12+ combatants, each with their own personality and multi-phase fights. With beautifully animated fights against brutally tough multi-phase opponents this could be the Cuphead of boxing games, which sounds pretty damn awesome!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Big Boy Boxing Alpha Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)