Big Foot in Smalltown – Game Jam Build

Big Foot in Smalltown is a fun little QWOP-like giant simulator where you stomp through countryside, towns, cities and lakes while attempting to do as little damage as possible.

In Big Foot in Smalltown you take control of Big Foot (not Bigfoot), using the mouse to lift and move your left and right legs as you stomp your way through five levels. Ideally you wouldn’t want to damage anything, but sometimes it’s hard to avoid causing carnage when you’re a giant. For each level you have a set budget of the amount of damage you can do to the surrounding area (which if you exceed then it’s game over). Also, if you keep one foot off the ground for too long then you’ll fall over and later on you may have to deal with water and ice which poses even more problems.

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, stomping your way through the world of Big Foot in Smalltown is great fun. Your big clumsy feet are surprisingly easy to manoeuvre with the mouse, while also being so large that it’s often impossible to avoid crushing a few things. It’s got a fun sense of humor and even has a narrative of sorts as you stomp your way through life. Well worth checking out for some big silly stomping fun.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Big Foot in Smalltown Here (Win, Mac & Linux)