Bigger in Texas – Alpha Demo


Bigger in Texas is a charming, beautiful and funny pixel art action adventure about Texas and the importance of a hat.

On a seemingly normal day, you have your hat stolen by Outlaws. These Outlaws have vowed to take all of the hats in the state of Texas. As a man who loves his hat, you must then embark on a journey to get back your hat!

This narrative driven game will have you searching around town to find out what information you can get on the Outlaws. No one seems to want to say their names, let alone tell you about them. This makes it more and more of a challenge to get your lovely hat back. Many people just send you along to the next person, in hopes of them being more help. As you get closer and closer to discovering the secrets of this gang of thugs, more thugs will show up looking to beat you up. With only your fist to defend you, you must defeat the leader of the Outlaw and take back what was stolen from you.

Travel across the huge state of Texas, learn about the locals, and get your hat back in this fun Texan adventure.

Check out Jupiter’s Let’s Play of the Alpha Demo HERE

UPDATE: Alpha Demo No Longer Available