Bijou and Big – Student Project Download

Bijou and Big game download

Bijou and Big is a very well crafted puzzle platforming adventure in which you switch between control of two robots whose skills complement each other as you solve inventive puzzles, battle robotic wildlife and attempt to escape an alien planet.

Taking around half an hour to complete, Bijou and Big tells the tale of Bijou (a small spherical and agile robot) and Big (a large and powerful robot) who crash land on an alien planet and need to find a suitable power source to help them escape. The gameplay takes place over three diverse levels and requires Bijou and Big to co-operate in inventive ways to allow each-other’s progression.

Bijou is small and nimble, able to jump and double jump great distances, activate switches and use his electric beam to power nodes and stun enemies. Big on the other hand is slow and large, incapable of jumping, but handy for smashing objects, beating up local robotic wildlife, lifting heavy objects, pressing buttons and shooting Bijou long distances through the air.

Created by a team of four game VFS development students over a period of five months, the level of polish, variety and inventive puzzle design throughout the game is remarkable. It’s a joy spending time with these charming robot buddies and exploring more of the fascinating alien planet they’re stranded on. Highly recommended.

Download Bijou and Big Here (Windows – Control Pad Required)