Biketrial Experience – Alpha Download

Biketrial Experience is a physics based bike trial game with challenging level design and a well crafted control system that allows for far more precision than the likes of Trials.

Trials-style bike trial games are nothing new, but Biketrial Experience is one of the most easily accessible and responsive takes on it we’ve come across. Obviously the fact that it uses pedal bikes rather than motorbikes is one reason it allows for more precision, but a lot of thought has also gone into the control scheme – allowing you to pull off Bunny Hops, Gaps, Hooks, Pulls and Pedalkicks with relative ease. It also has a well implemented tutorial system that teaches you the tricks as you go, allowing you to traverse obstacles that can look near-impossible the first time you see them.

Biketrial Experience is still early in development and the dev is planning to upgrade the visuals substantially, but the core gameplay is already very impressive. The bike handling is perfect, allowing you to pull off some fantastic feats of bike agility once you know what you’re doing. A well crafted bike trail experience well worth taking for a ride.

Note: Control Pad Highly Recommended

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download or Play The Biketrial Experience Alpha Here (Windows & Browser)