Bikrash – Alpha Download


Bikrash is essentially Road Rash on bicycles with low poly visuals and ragdoll physics – with you able to cause big pile ups of bikes and floppy bodies on the freeway!

The current build of Bikrash is VERY early in development, and is really only a fun little prototype to mess around with at the moment, but the core gameplay is certainly fun. You cycle with the arrow keys (or WASD) and you can violently kick other riders off their bikes with the Q & E buttons.

There’s no real objective at the moment (if you reach the end of the road you just fall off the world), but even in this early build it’s a fun and remarkably addictive experience riding around and knocking people off their bikes and causing pile-ups. We look forward to seeing the dev up the chaos in the future builds!

Check Out a Bikrash Gameplay Video Here

Download The Bikrash Alpha Build Here