Bill Hill vs Aliens – GameJam Build Download

Bill Hill Vs Aliens

Bill Hill vs Aliens is a fun platformer made for the Indies vs Pewdiepie Jam, that sees Bill Hill go on a rampage, shooting aliens at aliens after his life is turned upside down by the pesky extra terrestrials.

Bill Hill has everything a farmer would ever want; a big farm full of cows, a work truck, and a beautiful wife. That is, until the world gets taken over by aliens who then abduct his wife and cows, then destroy his truck. You must help Bill get back all that he has lost by destroying the aliens!

In this game, you can use anything as a bullet, as Bill does not have ammo of his own for his gun. To pick up ammo, you must jump on it with your gun pointed down. Then the item gets wedged into the gun and can be shot out. There are two items that can commonly become ammo; a rock or aliens. Yes, that is right, you are expected to shoot aliens at other aliens! Some of these aliens shoot space-bullets back, but quite a few of them just walk around, making them easy targets for becoming ammo.

Shooting is not the only thing that Bill’s gun can help you with. You see, Bill is not a very good jumper. Why would he be? He grew up on a farm, much like his, with only cows. With his gun, you can shoot at the ground while you jump to give yourself a little jump boost. This comes in handy as the platforms get higher and higher up in places.

After traveling the land and defeating many aliens, Bill faces a huge robot alien monster. Defeat this fiendish boss and Bill may just be able to get back all that is dear to him.  Shoot aliens at other aliens in this charming platformer, and help Bill Hill get his life back!

Download Bill Hill HERE (Win Only)