Billed To Order (it’s a bird pun) – Game Jam Build

Billed To Order (it’s a bird pun) is a charming and wonderfully silly little building puzzler where you attempt to remember which drawers your building equipment is in while building custom birdhouses for your backyard friends.

In Billed To Order you have a selection of building materials (logs, nails, decorations, etc) and some tools (a saw and a hammer), and must use each one in a specific order as outlined in your instruction sheet to fulfil your feathery friends orders for birdhouses. You only have a minute and a half to create your masterpieces and you have timing based mini-games when using the hammer or the saw, but the real challenge is remembering where all your equipment is!

At the start of each round your building materials and tools will all be allocated to a random drawer/cupboard and none of them will be labelled. This means you have to try to remember where everything is or just keep randomly clicking them and hoping you find the right one. All your wrong choices are added to the birdhouse too though, which can end up meaning that the bird houses look quite a lot different from the initial requests.

It’s a fun little game with a charming premise and fast paced birdhouse building gameplay that offers a real challenge to your memory skills. One nice highlight is getting to see all three of your creations at the end and how happy your birdy customers are with them – the face of a disappointed bird is particularly hilarious!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Billed To Order Here (Windows)