BioCrisis – Game Jam Build Download

BioCrisis is a fun little PS1 styled homage to the classic fixed camera Resident Evil games, complete with zombies, tank controls and fixed camera viewpoints.

Created for the 32-bit Spring Cleaning Game Jam (and to celebrate 25 years of Resident Evil), BioCrisis is a short old school survival horror game that pays homage to Capcom’s classics. It sees you waking up after a car crash to find yourself trapped in a city that’s sprawling with zombies. After grabbing a handgun you then start to shoot and run your way through the zombie infested streets.

It only takes around 10 minutes to play through and the story is pretty rudimentary, but it’s a great little slice of old school survival horror nonetheless. It does a great job of mimicking the look and feel of the early Resident Evil games and although it’s fairly easy, there are some tense moments. The retro PS1 styled styled visuals work really well and the gun is particularly enjoyable to shoot. A bite sized retro survival horror game that’ll take a bit out of you!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download BioCrisis Here (Windows)