Biocrisis: Return 2 The Lab – Alpha Demo

Biocrisis: Return 2 The Lab is an intense retro arcade styled on-rails shooter where you attempt to blast your way out of a zombie-filled city before it gets nuked!

Following on from the events in Biocrisis, in Biocrisis: Return 2 The Lab you have just escaped the lab that a zombie outbreak has occurred within and must now escape the city. While the original game was more of a corridor-based shooting gallery, Biocrisis: Return 2 The Lab is much more like a House of the Dead/Virtual Cop style arcade game (but with you using a mouse instead of a lightgun).

The Biocrisis: Return 2 The Lab demo features the first level from the game and offers a real challenge (it would absolutely eat up your quarters if it was an arcade game). The gameplay is fast and very arcadey, with a nice selection of enemies to blast, collectable temporary weapons, explosive barrels and multiple routes through the level.

It’s a great little slice of retro arcade action with tons of style, panic-inducing zombie hordes and a killer techno soundtrack. The only issue at the moment is that there’s not much nuance to the boss fight (you just keep shooting the head until it dies). Aside from that it’s a fantastic piece of retro lightgun nostalgia well worth pulling the trigger on.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Biocrisis: Return 2 The Lab Alpha Demo Here (Steam)