Biokurai – Game jam Build Download


Biokurai is a fun, fast paced combat game that sees you battling your way through increasingly tough kill rooms with just a sword and dual wielding guns to defend yourself.

Created for #gbjam, Biokurai offers retro Game Boy visuals infused with modern day combat, with you running gunning and slashing your way through hordes of enemies.  The combat is a similar to Devil May Cry (though far more stripped down), with you able to slow down enemies and inflict minor damage with your guns and use your sword to inflict high damage melee attacks.  It starts off fairly east, but you’ll need some real skill to make it through the later levels in one piece as more enemies attempt to swarm you.

It’s a tough game that offers fast paced and fun retro-infused run and gun action.

Download Biokurai HERE (Win & Mac)