BIOMASS – Game Jam Build Download

BIOMASS is a challenging retro styled nonlinear action platforming adventure where your weapons and armor perform worse the more you use them as you attempt to help a clone escape a mutant biomass infected spaceship.

Created for the Cult of Jabrils Stay@Home Jam, BIOMASS is a very tough nonlinear action platformer set within a spaceship that’s been overrun by grotesque monsters formed from mutated biomass experiments. You take on the role of a clone who spawns from a clone tank and must fight your way through the ship, kill the boss and escape in one piece.

To aid your chances of survival you have access to a nifty armored space suit and a blaster, but the more you use them the more they deteriorate. So the more damage you take on one life the less damage you’ll be able to take on the next and the more you use your blaster the less shots you’ll be able to take at a time (it has a slight cooldown). What’s more, even your biomass deteriorates the more times you die and use the cloning facility to revive. You can collect random item drops to top up your biomass, armor and gun capacity a little, but generally it’s a case of the more you use it, the worse it will perform.

The finale is a little confusing (when the timer starts head for the mercenary ship) and because everything deteriorates when you use it you can end up facing some pretty overwhelming odds if you die too many times. It’s a great little game though, with excellent pixel artwork, a great soundtrack, challenging old school gameplay and a unique premise. Good luck, you’ll need it!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download BIOMASS Here (Windows)