Bionic Bay – Beta Demo

Bionic Bay is a beautiful physics-based puzzle platforming Sci-Fi adventure that plays like a blend of Limbo and N+ as you use bionic powers to traverse its remarkable world.

Cinematic puzzle platforming adventures like Limbo and Inside have lots of clever puzzles but the actual platforming isn’t often that great. Step forward Bionic Bay, a very stylish cinematic platforming adventure that combines puzzles with fast, fluid and fun platforming.

In Bionic Bay you control a little human character who attempts to make their way through a vast industrialised Sci-Fi world. There are many obstacles, hazards and automated defenses to overcome, but thankfully you have bionic powers that make you fast and nimble (a little N+) and you also have the ability to tag an object and then instantly swap places with it (which allows for lots of clever physics-based puzzle opportunities).

The demo build of Bionic Bay takes around 30-40 minutes to play through and has a nice variety of platforming, action and puzzles. The world is beautifully built and is filled with mysterious decaying futuristic architecture. It’s a fascinating place to explore and thanks to its fluid movement system it’s a real pleasure to explore too – even if you will die in some horrible ways along the way! Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Bionic Bay Beta Demo Here (Steam)