Biotech – Game Jam Build Download


Biotech, a fast paced Hotline Miami-esque top down shooter made for the GJ GDC Jam, has you investigating a mysterious kidnapping at its source.

A women has brought you a picture of her daughter, who has been kidnapped. You looked at the photo and realized it fit the profile of a kidnapper you knew. Now, you must search through the sewers, killing bad guys and trying to track down the kidnapper. As you venture into the procedurally generated sewers you only have a pistol, and your fists, to fight off levels of enemies and turrets, but as you explore you can find all sorts of health packs and randomized weapons to assist your mission. Enemies will also present themselves and chase you around their territory, dropping ammo upon death.

As you make it through the different levels, the difficulty will increase. If you are strong enough, you will be able to make it to an even more difficult final boss. Biotech is quite beautiful, yet challenging. Each time you play is completely different as most aspects are randomly generated.  Will you be able to make it to the kidnapper and save the girl?

Download Biotech Here (Win Only)