Birdie Crush – Beta Download (Android)

Birdie Crush is a charming Anime-styled golfing game for Android devices, with easily accessible gameplay, online multiplayer, fun course design, cute caddies and customizable characters.

Birdie Crush brings easily accessible Everybody’s Golf-esque golfing to Android devices, complete with quirky characters, multiple game modes, mini-games and lots of customization options for your character. The gameplay and course designs are more about provinding a fun experience than an authentic golfing recreation, but there’s still plenty of depth and you can hit your ball with a nice amount of accuracy using the game’s simple touch-screen controls.

You’ll be able to play online, take part in competitions and unlock new caddies and accessories to customize your character. It’s a very polished experience, with high quality Anime styled visuals and arcadey gameplay that’s very easy to pick up and play. A slick Anime golfer well worth teeing up for.

Check Out a Gameplay Trailer Here

UPDATE: This Beta Is No Longer Available