Birdsketball – Beta Download

birdsketball download

Birdsketball is an adorable little game for one to four players in which cute little birds face off on a variety of fun basketball courts.

The gameplay in Birdsketball is very easy to pick up and play – you simply flap your little bird around, attempting to grab the ball (or tackle it form an opponent), then throw or fly the ball into the goal. There are nine different courts in the current build, which add a nice bit of variety to the proceedings, especially the ‘Pong‘ level in which you have to contend with Pong paddles that follow the ball.

It’s a blast with four players, but Birdsketball also caters for solo players, with a fun campaign mode in which you face off against increasingly challenging opponents, such as ‘Big Red’ and ‘Ronald Duck’. Whether you’re playing solo or multiplayer though, Birdsketball is a joy to play, with it’s charming visuals, quirky audio and gameplay that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The silliest basketball game since NBA Jam.

Download The Birdsketball Beta Here (Win, Mac & Linux)