Bit Pit – Prototype Download

Bit Pit

Bit Pit, a prototype build created by Logy Bit, is a 2D Platformer with gameplay that will have you coming back for more and an intro scene that will hit you in the feels and leave you wondering what the Pit actually is.

The game features an extrememly vibrant mix of colours on a black background. the gameplay is simplistic in nature, you get booted into a bit with a small base of blocks. More blocks will fall from the top of the screen, similar to tetris but they’re only single blocks, that will try to stop you in your tracks. These blocks also come in different variaties, which include spiked tipped blocks, Explosives and blocks with orbitals they constantly move around them. Combine this with the ever changing speed of the blocks decent and their randomized patterns, means the game slowly begins to get even more difficult the longer you stay alive.

The game plays on your senses, with the blocks forever changing in both speed and placement. It will certainly get you blood pumping as you dodge and jump incoming blocks, while also avoiding the acid bath slowly climbing upwards. Will you be able to traverse the obstacles in your way and make it back to your soul mate?  Or will the weight of blocks or the sludge-like acid make you a nobody once again?

NOTE: It’s recommended that you use an Xbox 360 Controller but keyboard and mouse is still viable

Download the Bit Pit Prototype Build Here (Win, Mac & Linux)