Bit Wobble – Game Jam Build Download

Bit Wobble is a super tough dual control platformer in which you attempt to guide two robots who are carrying tray full of data cubes around some very tricky obstacle courses.

Played with a control pad using a dual control scheme similar to Brothers, in Bit Wobble you control two little robots who are moving data. In each level all you have to take a tray full of data cubes from the start to the finish of the level. It doesn’t matter of you lose some of the cubes, as long as one cube makes it to the finish then you’ll succeed, but getting there is easier said than done!

As well as obstructions and gaps you have to manoeuvre around, you also have to contend with spilled blocks getting in your way and (most challenging of all) if your two robots get too far away from each other then they’ll drop the tray and fail the level. It’s a very tough game that sees you wrestling with the controls as you forget which robot is mapped to which stick and your precious data cubes spill all over the place. A challenging and fun slice of dual control data transfer well worth downloading.

Note: Control Pad Required (LT & RT lifts the tray in the air)

Download Bit Wobble Here (Windows)