BitBug – Game Jam Build Download

BitBug is a stylish and addictive little platformer where you attempt to climb as high into the air as possible while dealing with the various crashes that happen to your crusty old PC.

Created for Global Game Jam 2020, BitBug plays out on a faux retro PC interface and gives you one minute to try and climb as high into the air as possible. Climbing isn’t too hard, but every now and again the computer will crash and you’ll have to type in a code to get climbing again. So to get as high as possible you’ll need to be good at platforming and typing.

BitBug is a fairly simple game but it’s got a great premise, addictive gameplay and an excellent visual style. The desktop setting is a nice touch and there are lots of great little details the environment changes as you climb higher. How high can you climb before your computer craps out?

Download BitBug Here (Windows)