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bittersweet game

Bittersweet, a macabre murdery pixel art puzzler made for the A Game By It’s Cover Jam, has you controlling a shadowy black entity as you attempt to escape a creepy home inhabited by brainwashed cult members.

You are a one-eyed black entity in a house full of seemingly brainwashed humans. The doors are all nailed or locked shut and if you ask the other people there how they feel about being trapped, they reply that the room is the only way to keep the happy in. All the while, the monster that has trapped you into this area waits above, watching you like dolls in a doll house.

Each door is harder to get through then the last, requiring you to find specific items; a screwdriver, a hammer, matches, keys, a knife – to get the door open. As you look for these items and interact with the brainwashed humans, the monster comes closer and closer towards you. You are able to hold him off for a while, and if you solve a puzzle he does back up, but if you take too long or upset him, he will get bored and eat you alive.

Bittersweet impresses with it’s dark humor, charming pixel art visuals and quirky puzzles that may require you to get a little murderous.  There’s a chance you’ll make it out of the house alive, but not everyone else will!

Download Bittersweet Here (Win Only)

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  1. how do you get past the happy door? the icicles keep confusing me! this is an amazing puzzle game btw, im in love

    • Glad you like it! To get the happy key you have to use the knife on the sewn up cult member who says “he has blessed me” :)

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