Black Book – Kickstarter Demo

Black Book is a beautiful narrative-driven dark fantasy RPG adventure that draws on Slavic mythology as a young sorceress fights demons and aids citizens while attempting to bring back a loved one from the dead.

In Black Book you follow the story of Vasilisa, a young woman who delves into witchcraft and sorcery in an attempt to bring back her betrothed from the dead, after they died under mysterious circumstances. To do this you’ll have to seek out the Black Book and find all of its seven seals. You will then be granted one wish, powerful enough to bring someone back from the dead.

The current build of Black Book serves as a prologue and takes around 45 minutes to an hour to play through. It follows Vasilisa on her first day of becoming a witch and features a nice mixture of third person exploration, Slavic lore, Telltale-esque branching narrative decisions and card-based turn-based RPG combat.

It’s a visually stunning game that blends beautiful rural countryside vistas with a touch of darkness. The mixture of gameplay elements makes for a very unique experience and the rich Slavic mythology is fascinating. See what dark delights you discover in the Black Book!

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