Black Crystals – Alpha Demo

Black Crystals is a beautifully drawn RPG adventure with point and click adventure elements, a fun sense of humor and puzzle-like turn based battles where you can use the environment to your advantage.

In Black Crystals you follow the adventure of Starsio, a singer who was kidnapped and sold into the servitude of an entertainment company called Paprika. One fateful day Starsio awakens a mysterious power within him, which could help him escape from the shackles of Paprika. Along with his best friend Arthur, they then try to escape and return home.

The game world is an interesting place to explore and one nice touch is the turn-based combat system which gives you more options than just a straight up head-to-head battle. So for instance, with one enemy you can hide one of your characters behind the boxes in the background and then sneak up behind them

It’s a very unique experience that offers a fun mix of RPG and puzzle adventure gameplay. The hand drawn art style is excellent, the writing is full of wit and humor, the turn-based battle system works well and the characters are very endearing. A delightful hand drawn adventure well worth checking out.

Download The Black Crystals Alpha Demo Here (Windows)