Black Desert Online – Open Beta

Black Desert Online beta

Black Desert Online is a hotly anticipated action high fantasy action MMORPG with Assassins Creed-style parkour and exciting combat with manual targeting, dodging and combos.

It’s gorgeous looking game, with detailed character models, a large open world complete with weather systems and dynamic day/night cycles.  Players can customise and upgrade their characters, train mounts and furnish their houses, but it’s the combat that’s the most enticing thing about Black Desert Online – with fast, fluid combat more akin to a great 3rd person action game than an MMO.

Black Desert Online has been available in Korea for a while now, but it’s taking a ridiculously long time to come to the res of the world.  Thankfully the wait is almost over, as the Russian Open Beta has recently been announced, and as One Angry Gamer has reported, the even better news is that there are no region restrictions, meaning anyone in the world can register and play.  Even if you’re not a fan of MMO’s take one look at the trailer and you’ll be a fan of Black Desert Online!

Note: The registration page is in Russian, but the translate option in Google Chrome’s browser should sort you out.

Check Out A Fantastic Looking gameplay Trailer Here

Join In The Black Desert Online Open Beta Here (Open Beta Starts Tomorrow)