Black Morph – Alpha Demo

Black Morph Game Download

Black Morph is a cleverly crafted pixel art point and click adventure in which you don’t collect items to use, you transform into them – using your special morphing powers you can turn into any living thing that you touch.

The current build of Black Morph offers around 10 minutes of gameplay and is a delight to play from start to finish. It offers a very different take on the point and click genre, that forgoes all the ‘look’, ‘use’, ‘combine’- style actions for a simple interface that allows you to simply right click and choose what creature or plant life you want to turn into.

Your overall goal is to venture into a dark cave, but to do that you’ll need some source of light. You start off with very few transformative powers, but as you explore and touch more plant life and creatures that live within the game world you’ll be able to turn into them at the click of a button and use their unique attributes to your advantage. It’s an intuitive system and the game packs some inventive puzzle design into its short play time.

It’s a very impressive take on the point and click genre, with fantastic pixel artwork, innovative gameplay and an enchanting atmosphere. A terrific transforming adventure that we highly recommend checking out.

Check Out a Full Playthrough Here

Download The Black Morph Alpha Demo Here (Windows)