Black Paradox – Beta Demo

Black Paradox is a super cool retro-futuristic roguelite shoot-em-up that sees you flying a Delorean through the air and blasting aliens along to a thumping synthwave soundtrack!

In Black Paradox you take on the role of a Delorean driving/flying bounty hunter who is able to travel through time by manipulating the energy of black holes (it’d be a whole lot easier with a flux capacitor and some Plutonium). Your aim is to travel through time to defeat the seven leaders of the Hellraisers – the cruelest criminal organisation throughout space and time.

Playable in single player or local co-op, the current build of Black Paradox features one full procedurally generated level and a boss fight. It’s pretty tough so you may not make it to the end on your first few runs, but the cash that you earn can be used to purchase upgrades from the garage toincrease your chances the int he future. You can also pick up some wonderfully OTT weapon power-ups that can have some devastating effects on the waves of enemy ships.

It’s a great game with lots of replayability, challenging old school shoot ‘em up gameplay, a pulsing synthwave soundtrack and high quality pixel art animation that oozes style. A time-travelling bounty hunting roguelite Delorean driving shoot ‘em up well worth taking for a spin.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Black Paradox Beta Demo Here (Steam)