Black Squad – Open Beta (Steam)

Black Squad Game Download

Black Squad is a slick online multiplayer military shooter with fast paced, balanced, skill-based first person combat that offers a real alternative to Counter Strike: GO.

We first featured Black Squad on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up and were very impressed with its surprisingly well balanced take on the free to play first person shooter genre. There can be occasional issues with ping rates and hackers, but the core gameplay is very solid, with realistic weaponry that feels great to fire, tight map design, low system requirements, multiple game modes and skill-focused combat with absolutely no pay to win mechanics. All the weaponry can be purchased with in game currency, with premium content just limited to being cosmetic re-skins of the normal weapons.

It has a few rough edges that will hopefully get ironed out as the game develops (the devs are pretty responsive to player feedback) and it’s already great fun to play. A well balanced and responsive first person shooter well worth checking out.

Download The Black Squad Beta Here (Steam)