Black Survival – Beta Download

Black Survival features a unique blend of Anime visual novel-styled visuals, turn based combat and Battle Royale style survival gameplay that sees players scavenging, crafting and fighting to be the last one standing on a deserted island.

In Black Survival you choose from a roster of over 30 unlockable characters and fight for survival on an island that’s divided into 22 areas. Matches take place between 10 players and are pretty fast paced, lasting around 20 minutes at the most (much shorter of you get killed before then!).

You select an area on the map to travel to, then start searching for weapons, consumables and crafting items. If another player or an AI controlled minion is in that area you’ll be able to do battle in turn based combat where more often than not the player with the best weapon and equipment will win – so scavenging and crafting good equipment is key to your survival.

Black Survival is a free to play game, but it’s not pay to win, instead it takes a MOBA-style approach, with you able to pay for characters and skins, with a weekly rotation of free characters you can use. It takes a little time to get to grips with and managing your inventory is a little tricky (as you can only hold a few objects at a time), but it’s a fun game, with stylish Anime visuals, a deep crafting system and fast paced last man standing survival gameplay. A unique and clever twist on the Battle Royale genre.

Download Black Survival Here (Steam)