Black Whist – Game Jam Download

In Black Whist, you are a bounty hunter who must turn over cards and hope it’s your target or something positive, instead of monsters that will fight back

Black Whist is a card based, single room dungeon-type game where your bounty hunting character is a card within a grid. You don’t ever need to move around the grid, but instead, you must select and flip over cards to see what they are. Cards don’t need to be dealt with right away, but keeping more negative cards on the field can really cause damage down the line.

Random events occur that can often harm you, such as monsters appearing that turn friendly people into monsters or just simply spawning monsters in to attack you. Other times, they can help you, by adding a bells person that turns farmers into fighters or random good cards like chicken and weapons appear. The longer you stay alive, the more intense the events become.

There are a lot of different cards to flip over, from chickens who can be killed at the expense of a farmer’s loyalty, to new weapons, farmers themselves, healers, and enemies. You don’t actually need to flip over all of the cards to complete the game – once you find the Chaos card, the person you are after, you can focus on fighting them – but it will be a challenge without backup.

There is a dose of luck that is needed to survive in Black Whist, but once you get into the game, you can really start to understand how to use the cards to your advantage. Farmers turned into soldiers are super valuable and needed, as are saving chicken dinners for later in the game. If you get a bunch of cards that fight, you might be waiting around and watching the other characters take their turn, before it can even be your go at attacking or using a card. Either way, Black Whist is a very fun, albeit short game.

Download Black Whist Here (Windows Only)