Blackfaun – Alpha Demo


Blackfaun is a fast paced Action-RPG with skill based combat, procedurally generated dungeons and snazzy visuals, where you play a faun who must go on a quest to prove her worth as heiress to the crown.

Still early in development, Blackfaun already shows a surprising amount of polish and features.  The combat immediately feels more involved than your standard ARPG – you’ll have to dodge enemy attacks and use your spells wisely to make it through these dungeons.

The full game promises fifty unique enemies and bosses, but there’s a diverse array of creatures to battle already, each with their own characteristics, abilities and attack patterns.  It also promises over eighty powerful items to collect with unique spell mechanics and thousands of additional stat variations.  This combined with the procedurally generated dungeons, means that there’s plenty of replayability, as you’ll get a different experience with each playthough in this fun fantasy Action-RPG.

UPDATE: This Alpha Demo Is No Longer Available