BLACKFESK – Game Jam Build Download


BLACKFESK is a wonderfully over the top QWOP-Like in which you control a gigantic deadly sea creature, smashing increasingly ludicrous enemies – from vikings to dinosaurs in flying mech suits.

Best played with a control pad (but playable with Keyboard), you use the analogue sticks to flail the monsters arms about, smashing anything in its way.  You use the L and R buttons independently to rotate your monster and press the both simultaneously for a very cool super charged jump (and press L + R again in the air for a double jump).

BLACKFESK starts of sedately, with you just taking on the navy, but as you create more carnage, more ridiculous enemies appear (such as the afore mentioned dinosaurs in flying mech suits).  Flailing, swimming and jumping your way through all these enemies to smash them to smithereens is remarkably good fun – you become a bringer of chaos, destruction and death.  If anyone’s going to stop you, they’re definitely going to need a bigger boat!

Download BLACKFESK HERE (Win & Mac)