Blackout – Game Jam Build

Blackout is a charming little pixel art pound and click adventure that follows the story of an amnesiac witch who discovers a house full of corpses and monsters.

Created for Ludum Dare 48, Blackout starts is a classic point and click adventure about a young woman who is dressed like a witch ends up with amnesia after falling off a roof and banging her head. She now needs to explore the house and find some answers about who she is and what she was doing on the roof. However as she explores the house she finds that it’s littered with dead bodies and monsters. Something spooky is afoot…

It takes around 20 minutes to play through Blackout and it’s a delightful experience from start to finish. The pixel art animation is excellent, the writing is witty and the soundtrack is superb. It does a great job of keeping you in the dark (figuratively and literally) and it wrong-foots you in some fun ways. Your witchy heroine is a lot of fun to spend time with and she always has something fun to say about what’s going on. You’ll be dying to see more of her adventures by the end. Highly recommended.

Check Out a gameplay Video Here

Download or Play Blackout Here (Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser)