Blacksea Odyssey – Alpha Demo

Blacksea Odyssey

Blacksea Odyssey is a fast-paced, top-down arena shooter that combines aspects of Monster Hunter with rogue-like elements to deliver a series of fantastic space-fishing boss battles.

As we mentioned during last month’s Alpha Sign-Up, Blacksea Odyssey has really stepped up the fun factor from their previous prototype. As you skid around each procedurally-generated level hunting for alien fish, you’ll also be collecting awesome power-ups as you prepare to confront the level’s ultimate boss. In the demo, you’ll only has access to one megafish: the Krakhammer. Taking on the Krakhammer is no mean feat and will require constant dodging and expert aiming. Getting comfortable with strafing and boosting will be essential to successfully keeping your prey onscreen during the fight.

The premise of an intergalactic space-fishing tournament is just goofy enough to match the game’s bizarre collection of playable characters. But even with Blacksea Odyssey’s cartoony aesthetic, using your secondary weapon, the harpoon, is remarkably gory with space blood spraying out of your prey as it becomes increasingly injured.

Somewhat surprisingly, Blacksea Odyssey is also a joy to watch other people play. We hope to see a cooperative multiplayer put in place for the game’s launch and a focus on meeting the needs of Twitch and Youtube streamers. So cast your line and reel in Blacksea Odyssey; it’s the best time you’ll have space-fishing all year.

Tip: Unless you are playing for time, try clearing out as many minor foes as possible before fighting the Krakhammer. The smaller enemies drop keys to unlock treasure chests that contain ship and spear power-ups as well as heals and temporary buffs.

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  1. Fun game, played for about an hour found a bug, like when you pick up items from the chests there are sometimes when they overlap on eachother, but i know its alpha and there is not much to be expected yet, definitely going to buy this game when it is greenlit (trust me it will be!)

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