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blacksea odyssey

Radial shoot-n-catch (could be their own subgenre) Blacksea Odyssey is more than just a space shooter, but not quite the Get Bass Space Edition we’ve been pining for since the original release.

Players will fly a ship with a giant net trailing behind it in an attempt to catch the Titanfish in space. Before one reaches that encounter however, there are plenty of space fish shoals floating about in space, where players will shoot them and net their excessively, magenta-bleeding corpses.

Start out with small fish before upsetting larger fish (it sort of gets like Spore here) and then it’s time to claim self-defense and slaughter them as well and pile up their bodies in the net in a Katamari sort of method. By that time, the ship is hauling a mass of hemorrhaging fish, wiggling to-and-fro in search of the Titanfish who doesn’t even fit on screen (the name makes sense at this point).

The wiggling tongue of death awaits those brave souls who make it this far, and a wave of excitement overwhelms as the ship gets sucked into a gravitational chaos leaving players struggling to keep distance from the boss, lest they want to look like a hungry mosquito attempting to suckle the mother figure who happens to be five hundred times its size. All of this serves as an undertone of sorts as the ship frantically fires on any body part of the Titanfish that blinks red in reaction to the rockets, which actually emit a guttural “HYAH” as if the ship captain is watching Bruce Lee flicks and imitating the martial arts depicted in the film every time they fire a projectile.

Blacksea Odyssey is a clever radial shooter that takes the genre and makes its own thing out of it, successfully.  Those who share the same dream of being a fisherman in space, rejoice, that game is here.

Follow the games development HERE

Play Blacksea Odyssey in a Unity Supported Browser HERE

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