Blade Runner 9732 – Beta Build

Blade Runner 9732 allows players to explore of Deckard’s apartment from the original Blade Runner movie, with all of its neo-noir sci-fi interior design recreated perfectly.

Blade Runner 9732 is a fan made project that’s playable on standard screens or on the HTC Vive that recreates one of the most iconic settings in movie history. In the game you can explore Deckard’s apartment from the 1982 neo-noir epic, Blade Runner. You can look around, discover cool easter eggs, soak in the ambience and take in all the little touches that help shed more light on Deckard’s character and the neon-filled retrofitted sci-fi world e lives in.

There’s a lot to take in and some incredible attention to detail as you explore the apartment. Highlights include the chunky TV/Computer hybrid that Deckard uses to examine a picture in the movie, those big square bottles of Johnny Walker (there’s LOTS of alcohol in the apartment), the spectacular view from the balcony and Deckard’s piano, adorned with all his nostalgic pictures.

The dev plans to add a few more features before Blade Runner 9732‘s Steam release on the 7th, including a Rachael character and a selection of achievements for finding the many easter eggs in the apartment. It’s already a very impressive experience though and gives you an incredible glimpse into Deckard’s life and a new appreciation for the set design in the original movie. If you’ve ever seen Blade Runner this is a must play.

Note: We’d recommend not turning on Ambient Occlusion as it can make the game a little glitchy.

Blade Runner 9732 Will Be Released on Steam on the 7th

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Blade Runner 9732 Beta Here (Windows)