Blades and Fire – Alpha Download

Blades and Fire is a very stylish and challenging retro action platforming adventure where a sword-wielding metalhead hacks his way through the minions of Hell.

In Blades and Fire you take control of a teenage heavy metal fan who must hack his way through legions of undead monsters in a dark fantasy world. You do have a sword and you collect power-ups along the way, but it’s a challenging game with old school action platforming gameplay reminiscent of the Ghouls n’ Ghosts series.

It’s punishingly tough, your sword feels chronically underpowered and some of the animations look a little rough, but it’s still early in development and is shows a lot of promise. The demo build gives you a sizeable chink of the world to explore and plenty of deadly enemies to fight and some fun little surprises up its sleve. The pixel artwork is particularly impressive and it leans into the heavy metal fantasy concept well. It’s still got plenty of rough edges, but once it’s sharpened its blade, Blades and Fire could be an excellent retro arcade romp.

Download The Blades and Fire Alpha Here (Windows)

2 thoughts on “Blades and Fire – Alpha Download”

  1. It is a very attractive game in view with the style of “Castlevania”, “ghost & gooblin” & “trojan” are great metal dyes. I think that some changes in the soundtracks would be great, suddenly the game becomes tedious, boring for this reason. also the character suddenly moves somewhat awkwardly and the enemies should have some voice effect when hit. The concept of the game is cool and medieval music was great when you enter the houses. Good job 👍👏, greetings from Mexico

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